We are a proudly Mexican company

which was born in 1975 with the idea of creating an original, delicious and fun candy made of 100% natural tamarind.

Since then our work has been focused on offering a product without artificial flavorings or colorings.

It is also manufactured with the highest quality standards, making it a unique product in the confectionery industry in Mexico and now, in the WHOLE WORLD.

Today we have a wide range of products that delight the palate and bring fun to our customers. The Pellizco, Palebola and Banderilla are available at any time in your favorite store, both online and physical.


To elaborate natural tamarind candies with raw materials of excellent quality, reviewing each one of the processes that guarantee the total satisfaction of the final consumer.


To be the leading company in the production of tamarind candies, standing out for our high quality standards in each stage of production and selection of the best raw materials.


Quality: In each of the manufacturing processes.

Respect: We provide a world-class product.

Honesty: Our information is available for the safety and satisfaction of our users.

Commitment: We use carefully selected raw materials.

Excellence: In the result of each one of the processes.